Top 5 Most Successful Video Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Over 180 million Americans watched more than 10 billion online videos in May this year. The number of online videos is expected to increase as more internet marketers plan to use videos to advertise their products and services. To compete with the billions of videos online, it is a must to implement these five well-planned video marketing strategies supported by effective video marketing tactics.

1. Post Videos to Your Own Site or to Video Sharing Sites

You can choose to host on your own site as well as submit to social network and video sharing sites such as: YouTube, Hulu, Google Video, Revver,, or Facebook and many more. Just make sure to comply with these sites’ terms of use or face the possibility of having your online video rejected.

Most internet marketers don’t host the videos themselves so that they don’t worry about the operational side and just focus on ranking high on the site’s search results.

2. Create High-Quality Videos with Interesting Content

There’s one common reason why videos easily caught the attention of internet users – they have interesting titles and thumbnails plus people are just curious about videos. Here are the important video qualities to remember:

2.1 Keep videos short as most people lose interest after the first 2 minutes. Videos should be able to capture the viewer’s interest within a few seconds of watching the video.

2.2 Use a catchy title that says something about the content. Include your URL in the video.

2.3 If the video will be used to market a brand, showcase it in various creative ways from the beginning to the end of the video. Include company information as well as your website’s URL.

2.4 Make a clear call to action in your video that will encourage viewers to click on your link.

2.5 The audio must be clear enough so that your message is well understood by the viewers.

The right content depends on your target audience. For example there are very popular videos that are banned in some countries. Some interesting content are: answers to frequently asked questions about your products or services, how to use your product properly or case studies showing the benefits of using your product or services.

3. Promote Online Marketing Videos

Even if you’re already on top of the search results, you should also call the attention of those who are not searching your products or services. They may not be aware that a product or service like yours exists and would benefit them a lot. Following are ways to promote your videos:

3.1 Submit your video to various social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Delicious, etc. Spread awareness about your video through emails, blogs, forums and social media sites.

3.2 Provide URL or links in the tags or description for embedding and syndication.

3.3 Display a thumbnail that is interesting enough to make searchers click.

3.4 Include a transcript of your video if allowed. Transcripts will help viewers to fully understand your video as well as help it rank because it’s also indexed the search engines.

4. Measure the Status of Online Video Marketing Campaign

Monitor the status of your campaign through various analytical tools and act accordingly. Number of views is a common indicator of the videos’ popularity but you should also check other metrics to guide you in tracking the effectiveness of your video marketing strategies. After some time, the increase in sales can be one of the indicators of the success or failure of your video marketing strategy.

5. Consider the Use of User Generated Content (UGC)

There are many effective, inexpensive and credible ways to use UGCs. What could be more credible than a customer demonstrating the benefits of using your products or services? To promote the submission of UGCs, you can offer gift packs containing special editions of your products or coupons to try your services for free.

To create more awareness for your product or services, you can run a contest to choose the best UGC on YouTube or on Facebook. The winner could be the UGC with the most number of views or “likes” respectively. The video owners would most likely campaign to have many of their friends and acquaintances visit the site. The contest could be a good marketing tactic to increase your email list as well as increase traffic to your site.

There is no standard set of video marketing strategies to ensure success. Sometimes you hit it right way but sometimes you have to revise your strategy and try again until you come up with the most successful video marketing strategies and tactics.

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