Globe Life Insurance

Globe Life Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the S&P 500 traded Torchmark Corporation, a company with nearly $15 billion in assets under management. Torchmark’s investment portfolio does not invest in subprime loan-backed securities or products, thereby enhancing the quality of its holdings. Torchmark specializes in getting affordable life and supplemental health insurance into the financial lives of working middle-class Americans.Glob Life Insurance has over $52 billion of life insurance in force, comprising an estimated 4 million placed and active policies. The health and life insurance company has been in existence since it was formed in rural Oklahoma in 1951 by two men with $60,000 in borrowed capital. Globe’s great claim to fame among life insurers is that they have been successful at cutting out the middle man–in other words, customers can search for and buy life insurance online without having to talk to an agent. Globe life also provides health insurance. Their unique product portfolio includes both adult and child term life insurance, accidental death insurance, and their Medicare supplement insurance. But what’s more, the company has a child safe kit product, a tool which records information (picture, physical description, and fingerprints) about a child which can be used if that child goes missing.Since Globe Life enables anyone to get life, accidental death, and health insurance by way of the Internet without an agent, it can pass on the savings it enjoys (by not needing to finance agents) in its premiums to customers. In addition, there aren’t any medical examinations that prospective clients need to pass, either. Insurance applicants need only answer a handful of health-related questions, although they are expected to answer them honestly and accurately. Their answers can be checked against the national bureau of health and medical records, and if a claim is made against the company and an investigation uncovers inaccuracy or fraudulent answers on the part of the insured the benefits may be reduced or not paid out at all.Globe Life also offers a special incentive whereby the first month’s premiums on a life insurance policy is only $1.00. And, their life insurance coverage begins immediately and comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee.There are limitations with such kinds of insurance, of course. Globe Life policies are limited to no more than $50,000 of death benefit. What’s more, the policy expires at the age of 80 regardless of how much was paid into it in premiums. Globe does not offer cash-building policies. But, they are highly touted for their superior customer service.The AM Best Corporation, which has been an independent ratings agency analyzing insurance companies since 1899, has recently given Globe Life its highest rating of A+ based on the company’s financial asset strength, corporate management, and integrity.Some of the advice about its products and services that Glob Life offers to prospective customers is: “There is a good chance [additional insurance] might be [necessary]. Inflation has weakened many insurance policies. Life insurance is the ideal way to supplement your existing insurance. It can be used to cover funeral expenses or other miscellaneous debts that are left behind….[You don't need to sit through a sales call or meet with an agent]. Globe Life insurance is handled conveniently online and through the mail. You can review the materials in the privacy of your home and purchase your policy directly online and through the mail without any outside pressure.”Given today’s economy, cultural need for speed, and people’s exceptional concern about individual privacy, Global Life insurance company is filling an important market niche.

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